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Frequently asked & useful questions

- Is the PockyBall guaranteed?
The PockyBall® is guaranteed for 14 days from the date of purchase.

- How long does it take to receive my PockyBall?

You will receive your PockyBall® within 4 to 7 working days (except weekends and holidays), it may happen that it is delivered 1 or 2 days later following the mandatory passage to the customs service. 

Due to the high demand in the UK, our stocks are running out quite quickly. We therefore draw on our stocks in Europe and abroad to deliver as quickly as possible.

- What are the weight and dimensions of the PockyBall®?
The PockyBall® weighs 41 grams and is 7 cm in diameter, rope length is 75cm.

- Where can I find the PockyBall in physical shops?
The PockyBall® is a patented object and only available in our online shop.

- Can we take the PockyBall to school?
In most schools, the PockyBall® is accepted, however, we invite you to ask the headmaster for information.

- Who can play PockyBall?
Anyone can play PockyBall®! From 4 years old with no age limit, for girls and boys. PockyBall® has many benefits for everyone!

- Can you add the discount on my order or refund me the 10% ? 
We cannot update discount code promos to your order after your order has been placed. 

- I didn't order this, why did you charge me twice?
When you make a first purchase on our site, which is validated and paid for, a pop-up offers you to purchase additional products. It is made up of two buttons, if you click on the "buy" button then you will buy and this will add new items to your original order.

--- This being specified on the pop-up, orders after purchase can no longer be deleted / modified ---
* Note that the merch is made to order, therefore any order placed for the merch cannot be deleted / modified.

- The ball has come loose, what can I do?
The system has a safety device that can hold up to 1 KG. This prevents cases of strangulation or the like.

If the ball comes loose, simply apply pressure to the ring to close it again.

Any further questions?
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at and our teams will be happy to answer you.